Earle Hagen

I’ve decided to write a blog about Earle Hagen. There is probably zero interest in this, but my quarantine weekends are so empty and mundane that writing something–anything–at least feels like hitting my binge-watching brain with jumper cables. I finally finished the massive “Best Of Mayberry” Time-Life DVD set which includes episodes of “The Andy … Continue reading Earle Hagen

Andy In Color

I’ve been watching a DVD box set called “The Mayberry Collection.” It features a selection of well-remembered episodes from “The Andy Griffith Show.” There are also discs with episodes of “Gomer Pyle USMC” and “Mayberry RFD”, but I haven’t gotten to those yet. Fans of “Andy” are fortunate in being able to determine within 2 … Continue reading Andy In Color

Gilligan’s Shirt

So, about a year after I moved to Nebraska, Denise Marcoe (then Denise Chase) drafted me into the Main Street Players, Alliance’s community theater group. The first show I did was “The Fatal Fifties Affair”, a murder mystery set at a reunion of a 1950’s sitcom. For many years interactive murder mysteries were our big … Continue reading Gilligan’s Shirt

Dick Van Dyke In The Most Depressing Film Ever Made

TCM ran a Carl Reiner film festival the other night. He wrote and directed some pretty amazing movies, but the one in their lineup that fascinates me most is “The Comic.” There’s something just substantially unnerving about this film. For starters, when you pair Carl Reiner (who directed and co-wrote) with Dick Van Dyke, you’re … Continue reading Dick Van Dyke In The Most Depressing Film Ever Made