Ads! Radio Ads!

It’s another blog post spotlighting some of my recent efforts in radio advertising. I’m running out of headlines, if that isn’t apparent. We start this time with Keep Alliance Beautiful. KAB uses their commercial air time to deliver friendly reminders about recycling, trash cleanup, etc. Since material is repeated, and it’s important to enrobe an … Continue reading Ads! Radio Ads!

W/O/C: “NBC News Overnight” 4/29/83

NBC has had an on-again, off-again relationship with late-late-night TV. For nearly two decades, there was only “The Tonight Show.” 1973 brought Tom Snyder’s “Tomorrow” show, which ran through 1982 and was replaced by “Late Night With David Letterman.” In that same year, “NBC News Overnight” broke new ground–airing Monday through Thursday at 1:30am and … Continue reading W/O/C: “NBC News Overnight” 4/29/83