BOOK REVIEW: “The Warmup Guy”

Since 1996 or thereabouts I have attended a mess of television show tapings. “Late Night With Conan O’Brien”, “Donahue”, “Sally Jesse Raphael”, “The Price Is Right”, “Late Show With David Letterman”, “The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson”, “Family Feud”, “The Arsenio Hall Show” (reboot) and “Jimmy Kimmel Live”. I might be missing one or … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: “The Warmup Guy”

Saturday Ramblings

Multiple topics in one blog post. Try not to get the bends. ______________ Let me tell you something about my job. I love it. I look forward to walking out my front door–even when it’s raining or snowing or otherwise bad weathering–and making my way to Radio City in Alliance, home of KCOW and beloved … Continue reading Saturday Ramblings