Vacation Tribulation

I take great pride in my ability to have fun on vacations despite my long list of problems and catastrophes while traveling. For example! My sister Joey Bean and I went to L.A. In a fit of shenanigans, I started jumping on the hotel room bed…and promptly fell off and laded on my hand. I … Continue reading Vacation Tribulation

Deja Vu!

Well, I am zonked out today but it’s entirely worth it. I spent last evening at Alliance’s mystic house of fun known as the Dead Unicorn Society, for the album premiere party of Kalin Krohe’s “Deja Vu”! Great music, great food, great friends….you can’t ask for much more than that. Just to get you up … Continue reading Deja Vu!

TikTokus Interruptus

Several weeks ago, as you may recall, my pal Kalin Krohe taped me acting like a moron with a bottle of ketchup and a bottle of mustard and put it on his Tik Tok account. Over 600,000 people have seen this video. One of them is an independent film director. He is currently working on … Continue reading TikTokus Interruptus


Alternate Titles: “Ass Attack”, “Donkey Wrong”, “Mule Never Forget It!” My friend Tami and I go on all sorts of fun travel adventures. Today we headed for South Dakota. The headline attraction was Wall Drug Store, the touristy mecca that was loaded with goofy photo ops. But first: DONKEYS! Tami, you see, has been visiting … Continue reading Donkey-Maggedon!