“It’s An Hour Show!”: The Jack Benny Specials Part One

I’m a Jack Benny nut. He’s my favorite dead comedian, and that’s saying something considering Johnny Carson is no longer with us! But Johnny himself would bow to the greatness of Benny, and was not shy about using some of Benny’s takes and reactions on his “Tonight Show”. Though not quite as obviously as this: … Continue reading “It’s An Hour Show!”: The Jack Benny Specials Part One

Six Months To Live

This article is a delicate balancing act. And I’m a man who has tripped and biffed on the pavement at the rate of about once a year since 2014. So I’m at a disadvantage to begin with. This is going to be a balancing act because I don’t write about politics on this blog. And … Continue reading Six Months To Live

“Scare On The Air”

Since 2004 my pal Dangerous Dave and I have been making internet radio shows. Our efforts started before “podcast” was a commonly used word…but honestly “podcast” doesn’t reflect what these things are. We do scripted radio theater, with multiple voice parts, sound effects, music, the whole kit and kaboodle. Our sketch show, “The Dr. J … Continue reading “Scare On The Air”

Botox Boy

At the very end of 2018, I returned to work from Christmas vacation and had a very stressful day or two. There was just a lot of stuff piled up and some minor office drama on top of it…and I noticed my left eye was twitching. Just a little facial tic of the variety lots … Continue reading Botox Boy