Ladies And Gentlemen…The Weekend (Blog Post)

I hope you had a marvelous Thanksgiving! Mine was typically quiet, spent hosting Thanksgivng programming at Radio City, then heading home to enjoy a Black Friday vaca day. PBS had a marvelous Christmas special on Thanksgiving night (I admire their restraint–CBS yet again aired “Rudolph” three full days before Turkey Day, the scoundrels). The special … Continue reading Ladies And Gentlemen…The Weekend (Blog Post)

Happy Days Epics: “Babysitting”/”Turn Around…And You’re Home”

This “Happy Days Epics” is dedicated to the memory of Gavan O’Herlihy, who recently passed away at age 70. O’Herlihy was one of two actors to play the character of Chuck Cunningham. oldest of the three Cunningham kids. The Chuck character stopped appearing when the series changed from a single camera to multi-camera “in front … Continue reading Happy Days Epics: “Babysitting”/”Turn Around…And You’re Home”

Things I Am Enjoying

It has been ages since i wrote a blog post. And since I’m paying good money for this domain name, I shouldn’t let that happen too often. But there have been many things competing for my attention with the blank white screen of my WordPress template. So I figured I’d tell you what I’m enjoying–what’s … Continue reading Things I Am Enjoying