Headline Writer Makes Feeble Attempts At Humor (Chapter One)

To start right out, I owe Kalin Krohe a tremendous apology. Kalin, as News Director, churns out an inconceivable amount of content for our company’s website, panhandlepost.com. Kalin frequently seeks my counsel on stories he’s working on; headlines are often discussed. My mantra to Herr Pressheim is “Headlines should be short! Snappy! Word economy lad, … Continue reading Headline Writer Makes Feeble Attempts At Humor (Chapter One)

Arby’s 3-Of-A-Kinds

I love writing and producing commercials for Arby’s. For one thing, food is a great subject–everybody eats, and everybody gets excited about where to go for lunch. It’s a fun topic. Over the nearly two decades that I have been “the Arby’s guy” for radio stations in Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana, many of … Continue reading Arby’s 3-Of-A-Kinds

Big Voices

As a wee tot, I knew I wanted to be in broadcasting…but it took quite a while to narrow that down to the field of radio. My earliest ideas of a career in broadcasting were all over the map. I wanted to be the host of “Bowling For Dollars.” I wanted to be Johnny Olson, … Continue reading Big Voices

One Of My Favorite Marys

I love seeing Mary Wickes in movies and TV shows. Her face and voice are just instantly recognizable. Sez Wikipedia: Mary Wickes (born Mary Isabella Wickenhauser; June 13, 1910 – October 22, 1995) was an American film and television character actress. She often played supporting roles as prim, professional women, secretaries, nurses, nuns, and housekeepers, who made … Continue reading One Of My Favorite Marys