Jingles Work!

I was talking on the ol’ Facebook with my old childhood chum Paisley Park. (That is not her real name, but since that’s how she prefers to be named on Facebook, that’s how I identify her here.) I posted a photo of me with Chuck McCann, a comic actor who did a series of Right … Continue reading Jingles Work!

Twelve Commercials?!!?

In 1998, when I was applying for the position of FM Programming Coordinator at KCOW/Double Q Country, I wrote in my application letter that I could write a 30-second commercial in 30 seconds. This falls under the category of youthful hubris, and/or “Don’t let your mouth write checks your butt can’t cash.” But the truth … Continue reading Twelve Commercials?!!?

Shoe Saga

Most of our radio advertising clients have a “general” commercial handy. What makes a commercial “general” is that it can play any day of the year and not sound out-of-date. It’s a good thing to have handy during those little pockets of time when there isn’t a specific sale, event or promotion to advertise. Our … Continue reading Shoe Saga

Arby’s 3-Of-A-Kinds

I love writing and producing commercials for Arby’s. For one thing, food is a great subject–everybody eats, and everybody gets excited about where to go for lunch. It’s a fun topic. Over the nearly two decades that I have been “the Arby’s guy” for radio stations in Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana, many of … Continue reading Arby’s 3-Of-A-Kinds