“Scare On The Air”

Since 2004 my pal Dangerous Dave and I have been making internet radio shows. Our efforts started before “podcast” was a commonly used word…but honestly “podcast” doesn’t reflect what these things are. We do scripted radio theater, with multiple voice parts, sound effects, music, the whole kit and kaboodle. Our sketch show, “The Dr. J … Continue reading “Scare On The Air”

Looking for Vacation: A Hallmark Channel Original Movie

You’ve heard of “unlucky in love”? I present to you, “unlucky in travel”: March 2017: Dangerous Dave and I plan to attend the Hollywood Collectors Show in Chicago, including an epic 50th anniversary reuion of the “Batman” TV series cast. Trip aborted due to winter storm. Flights canceled. Winter 2019: Planned trip to Los Angeles. … Continue reading Looking for Vacation: A Hallmark Channel Original Movie

Farewell, Trebek

I’ve been reading articles about Alex Trebek throughout the day, so I’m reluctant to write something about him for fear I’ll crib (subconsciously or otherwise) from the writing of others. I’ll start by remembering how fun it was for our family to watch–and compete–in “Jeopardy!” We’re talking my high school years, so I had to … Continue reading Farewell, Trebek