SALAD WEEK: Knock Knock!

In presenting a variety of unique salad-related content our goal is to entertain but also educate! So here are some knock-knock jokes based on different varieties of lettuce you might find in your tossed salad. KNOCK KNOCK!Who’s there?LEAF!Leaf who?LEAF YOUR KEY UNDER THE MAT SO I CAN COME BY LATER AND SNEAK IN! KNOCK KNOCK!Who’s … Continue reading SALAD WEEK: Knock Knock!

SALAD WEEK: Day 3 & My Exclusive Interview With Herb Viniagrette

Welcome back to continuing coverage of Salad Week on! It’s time to watch today’s salad unveiling video: And now…something very exciting! Yesterday we covered Nebraska’s best-loved salad dressing, Dorothy Lynch. I wondered if other states have equally beloved, small-circulation dressings and did a little rooting around. That’s how I found a fellow named Herb … Continue reading SALAD WEEK: Day 3 & My Exclusive Interview With Herb Viniagrette

SALAD WEEK: What Does Dorothy Lynch Taste Like?

To those of my readers not from Nebraska, this seems like the most salacious, inappropriate headline ever posted on this humble blog. Dorothy Lynch, you see, is Nebraska’s most beloved salad dressing. And a very popular question on The Google┬« is in regard to the dressing’s unusual flavor. The official Dorothy Lynch website offers: Loyal … Continue reading SALAD WEEK: What Does Dorothy Lynch Taste Like?

It’s Salad Week!

Taking inspiration from such legendary week-long programming stunts as “Shark Week”, “Young People Week” on Card Sharks and “Vegas Week” on The Merv Griffin Show, proudly presents Salad Week! This all started in the KCOW break room where Kalin Krohe and I were having argument #457: The Lunch Argument. The lunch argument generally goes … Continue reading It’s Salad Week!

TV Character Witnesses

Earlier today, my former radio colleague and forever friend Kevin Horn posted on Facebook his list of The Top 10 TV Characters Of All Time. Here is Kevin’s list: 10. Sheldon Cooper9. Jonny Quest8. Lou Grant7. Archie Bunker6. Andy Taylor & Lucy Ricardo (tie)5. Columbo4. Barney Fife3. Bugs Bunny2. Fred Flintstone1. Ralph Kramden Some true … Continue reading TV Character Witnesses