Pizza! And Commercials!

In Hemingford, Nebraska there is a wonderful pizza place called Village Pizza. An old radio friend and I had lunch there a month or two ago and I was impressed with their supreme pie. Sampling the product always stimulates the creative process. At least when the product is edible or potable (know your Word Power®). … Continue reading Pizza! And Commercials!

Love Is All Around

50 years ago this weekend, “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” premiered on CBS. My Facebook feed is clogged with tribute articles that all repeat the same factoids, like how Mary Richards was originally going to be a divorcee but CBS thought viewers would believe she left Rob Petrie. Classic episodes are recalled, like “Chuckles Bites … Continue reading Love Is All Around

Botox Boy

At the very end of 2018, I returned to work from Christmas vacation and had a very stressful day or two. There was just a lot of stuff piled up and some minor office drama on top of it…and I noticed my left eye was twitching. Just a little facial tic of the variety lots … Continue reading Botox Boy

Shoe Saga

Most of our radio advertising clients have a “general” commercial handy. What makes a commercial “general” is that it can play any day of the year and not sound out-of-date. It’s a good thing to have handy during those little pockets of time when there isn’t a specific sale, event or promotion to advertise. Our … Continue reading Shoe Saga