The Krohe Albums, Book 6

I don’t know how I started making stupid 4th-grade level mockups of album covers with my friend Kalin Krohe as the subject. (Some would say “victim”.) Krohe and I (and our mutual friend Pat Adriance) have been exchanging photohacks for years. In fact, Pat did a blockbuster one just the other day: Kalin has his … Continue reading The Krohe Albums, Book 6


Alternate Titles: “Ass Attack”, “Donkey Wrong”, “Mule Never Forget It!” My friend Tami and I go on all sorts of fun travel adventures. Today we headed for South Dakota. The headline attraction was Wall Drug Store, the touristy mecca that was loaded with goofy photo ops. But first: DONKEYS! Tami, you see, has been visiting … Continue reading Donkey-Maggedon!