I Am Obsessed With “Make Room For Daddy”

3 thoughts on “I Am Obsessed With “Make Room For Daddy””

  1. OMG! I can’t believe there’s another person out there who’s obsessed with this show! I have always been like that! I remember watching the Daytime reruns from 1960-1965 that broadcast all the shows from Season 1-9 and then when it went into syndication in 1967, they aired Seasons 5-9. When NICK/NIGHT picked it up it was seasons 5-9. When a NEW syndicator (SFM Entertainment bought the show and began airing on COZI-TV it showed Season 4-9 under the DANNY THOMAS SHOW title, I wrote to them and begged them to add seasons 10&11. They replied it had to be digitized but they came through and had been playing Seasons 4-11 FINALLY. CBS was the last place these last 2 seasons were aired in the summer of 1965 and never was included with ANY package of episodes. I was delighted to finally see these seasons after 50+years and thanked them. BUT COZI-TV stopped airing the series in January of this year and they never answer emails or respond! Glad to meet you; love your website and really hope to be in touch with another obsessed fan of this series!

    1. Thanks for the kind words about the blog! I was definitely bummed out when Cozi dumped the show…it’s about time some streaming service get as many seasons as they can tied up together! There are a lot of rumors and speculation online about Thomas keeping those original first three seasons out of circulation. But I’ve learned over the years that nothing is certain…there were rumors for years that the first season of Joey Bishop’s sitcom would never see the light of day, but now it’s on DVD and streaming!

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