“Handle With Care!” (Or, “Pay The Damn 18 Dollars”)

4 thoughts on ““Handle With Care!” (Or, “Pay The Damn 18 Dollars”)”

  1. I would simply give Kalin an I.O.U for some distant future date at 4:00 in the morning, payable only at that exact time. You’ll have fulfilled the requirement he has to maintain your friendship and he’ll be asleep at 4:00 so won’t be awake to collect it. Problem solved.

  2. I agree with Kahlin but Uncle Dick agrees with you as he has broken four handles on his friend’s (boss) trucks and has never offered to pay for them and they were a lot more than$18. Did I mention that Uncle Dick is pretty cheap? Is it a four door? I’d start going through the back door and climbing over the seat if it is that rickety.

    1. I just saw this Auntie Kim! Well, Kalin’s car is a 4-door but the backseat doors are also kinda messed up. : D Tell Uncle Dick I am with him! But I will pay Krohe if I break the handle, just because I don’t want him to be all hot and bothered about it.

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