Those Good Old Days

4 thoughts on “Those Good Old Days”

  1. Glad you had the conversation with FOF…youre far more kind than i. My question is…if he plans to listen to his music forever….it too shall be on the ol elevator soundtrack at some point. I was shocked the first time i heard def leppard in an elevator. I feel FOF is prejudice himself…he sure takes a stance against the boomers. I recently was called an old hippie because of my general looks, my love for most all things….and my willingness to always try and help out the other guy if i can….and yes my love of music…eclectic, days gone by…some wayyyy by….and if that makes me toxic….(since FOF) is creating new labels…..then im proud to be toxic in my strange world…we go for acceptance … love…happiness…and um puppies…

    1. This crossed my mind in the conversation–the idea that the music he likes today will someday be “oldies”….but I do know some people (Kalin among them( who are always seeking out music by new, contemporary artists. Which is great for them. I think they are, in some way, a minority. Most people really do cling to the music of their youth…for me it’s 80’s tunes.

      I also realized after the conversation that nostalgia is not just my hobby…it’s my job! I’ve been playing the oldies (or classic hits, or whatever the marketing phrase is) for 21 years. I wouldn’t have brought that up to FOF anyway because I can already hear the gripe about commercial radio not giving new artists a chance and so forth…been hearing that as long as I’ve been jockeying discs…

  2. Hear, hear to all of your comments and Tami’s as well. I am proud to know you Jason, and grateful that I don’t know fof. By the way…it should be grateful too. (only saying “it” cause I’m not sure of gender and I think it’s probably appropriate). Sounds like fof is an ageist, practicing ageism, making his toxic footprint in his own time.

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