Sunday Drinking

5 thoughts on “Sunday Drinking”

  1. I know the process and the schedule suck, but I’m glad they’ve got you on the dialysis for now.

    You’ll ride another train again some day! I believe it will happen. If nothing else, we can drive to Denver and ride the scenic Rocky Mountain train for a day. Maybe something to at least hold you over for the long train journey.

  2. This is exactly how I felt when after surgery mersa took over my life and had to have to infusions evertoday for What seemed like forever and turned out to only be a couple of months. I felt exactly like you do right now like I would never be able to do anything again or enjoy life the way I wanted to. Hang in there friend it will get better

  3. I’m glad you’re on dialysis as well. I’m so glad when I go to work and you’re in Studio A doing what you do best and love. Try to stay positive. People travel and spend time with their family while being on dialysis or whatever else it takes. Hugs my friend even if you are not a hugger.

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