A Grammy “Salute” To The Beach Boys

3 thoughts on “A Grammy “Salute” To The Beach Boys”

  1. Coincidentally, I have also been a paid audience member before. It’s a lot more work than being a paid background actor (extra). Extras are kind of placed somewhere, given a little guidance, and then largely left to their own performance, but paid audience members MUST SMILE, CLAP, BE ENTHUSIASTIC, AND HAVE FUN! And as you said, they will ride on those people to get the performance they need.

    I caught the opening of the show, and I thought, what fans of Little Big Town are even watching this? So I turned it off. But I did turn back in time to hear John Legend and Brandi Carlyle, and I thought it was solid.

    Like you said though, as a Beach Boy fan, I wann hear them. Not a bunch of bands I don’t like or know. But I will say, Mumford and Sons, Foster the People, and Fall Out Boy are legit. I saw FOB in concert back in 2007. Great show. They coincidentally sang two covers that. “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” because people thought they were the band that sang that song. The other was a little tune called “Thriller.” Which I think is a solid cover. They honor the original, but also very much made it their own. Now, I still think the original is better, but I appreciate both versions.

    1. Generally speaking, I thought all the rock bands did quite a decent job. And I’d like Fall Out Boy, even if they weren’t named after a Simpsons character. : D

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