Kidney Gripes, June 2023 Edition

2 thoughts on “Kidney Gripes, June 2023 Edition”

  1. Why do you think you are a coward? Why do you think you are stupid? You are facing your challenges with knowledge. You are braving your situation better than I would. And yes, “fistula” is a really horrible word. Do not be prepared to have something like tuberculosis until you know you have it. In other words, stop worrying so much. It’s not good for you! Praying for you and keeping a positive attitude for you. You have got this…

    1. I am absolutely a chronic worrier…believe it or not, I’m better than I used to be! And you’re absolutely right, I shouldn’t worry about things that haven’t happened yet. Today at the dentist they told me I need to get two wisdom teeth removed. Now THAT’S terrifying! : D But I’m trying to keep cool….

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